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How Can Recruitment Agencies Partner with In-House Employers

A common misconception amongst many is that external marketing consultancies struggle to work with the in-house recruitment team of a marketing agency. Those who have worked with Juice before, will understand this is not true.

Roles within marketing often require specific skills; this leads to precise research when sourcing the right candidate for the role. At Juice, we have history in finding candidates to match a wide variety of skills. Here is how we use our experience to benefit employers rather than hinder them:

Reliable Methods

Through our tried and tested candidate screening methods, we use our experience to source the right candidates who have the right skills. For example, for the role of PR Assistant in a marketing department, we would ensure a candidate has the necessary verbal and written communication skills. However, our practices aren’t restricted just to this. We develop a rapport with each employing client personally, and likewise we gain a genuine interest in every candidate that we source.

Proven Results:

What would an established Marketing recruiter in Wakefield be without the results to back that up? It’s easy to claim our role as a leading recruiter in the region but being able to prove that is pivotal to maintaining our reputation. This is why we have case studies throughout our website such as this one which provides a real life example of how our expertise paid off for a client well-recognised within the marketing industry, and how it eventually improved their agency.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Team:

Another point regarding external recruitment agencies and in-house recruiters working together is the potential clash of working against one another. As we previously mentioned, with Juice this doesn’t occur. We often work with clients seeking to expand or replace members of their team, and they tap into our knowledge of sourcing the right candidates. At the backbone of our practice is our dedicated team who work tirelessly with one another and with clients to fulfil their recruitment needs.

We have more examples that pay testament to our reliability in working with in-house recruiters for industries outside of marketing. See this case study to learn more about a candidate we sourced for Informal Learning, a not-for-profit company who address issues such as housing and homelessness, and mentoring and support in Wakefield.

If you would like to learn more about Juice and our process in sourcing the best marketing candidates for your vacancies, you can call us on 01924 377 500. Alternatively, send your enquiry via email at

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"I would just like to say how helpful and professional these girls are, they have never let me down and are always true to their word, always available with lots of support and advice, fantastic company to work with and for - thank you"

Ruth Amis - Long term temporary worker

"Hi ladies Just to let you know that I have accepted an offer of permanent employment this afternoon so I will no longer require your services. Thank you for everything over the past couple of months, I am really grateful for the temp placements and interviews you have sourced for me. "

Fiona Baker - Registered Candidate

"From my initial contact through to the registration process I found the staff at Juice Personnel to be very polite and professional. You are treated respectfully and not just another CV on a database. "

Dawn Davis - Registered Candidate

"I have found everyone in the team to be very helpful, friendly, efficient and encouraging during my job search. I felt they had a genuine interest in finding the right job for me and that they were as happy as I was when I was offered the position, thank you. Thank you again for all help Laura "

Laura Self - Placed in a permanent role

"Juice Personnel, is an extremely friendly, down to earth recruitment agency, whom I have used twice in my young professional career. The first being back in 2010, when I had first graduated and a little lost in the world of employment. They secured me a great temporary job, in which I had requested and in turn, developed in to a full time position. Since then, after moving on, traveling the world, I again found myself in the position of looking for a career change. I instantly remembered the amazing service and supportive nature of Juice and called them to help me find my current position. I cannot thank them enough for their helpful, friendly and supportive role, which they took in finding my new career and could not recommend them enough to others! Thank you Bex and the rest of Juice for all your efforts!"

Hannah Toon - Permanent Candidate

"“Juice Personnel is a great agency made up of dedicated and friendly staff. I highly regard their professional opinions and found them very helpful in supporting my search for a new role and will be recommending them to all my friends and family.""

Mark Banfield - Placed in a permanent position

"After finishing university I was looking for paid legal work which is very hard to come by on a temporary basis. Juice were fully professional yet had a friendly approach to finding me a job and succeeded. I am now working in a field that I love and couldn't thank them more!"

Rebecca Beech - Summer Temporary Worker

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