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How to Deal with Underperforming Employees

Underperformance is an issue that can affect any workplace, regardless of the industry. How it is dealt with, will ultimately determine whether the underperformance continues, or an improvement is noticed. Each case is different, and some may have to be treated with more sympathy than others.

As an employer or leader of a team, there are steps you can take that can help at least make an improvement.

  1. Be Considerate

There could be a variety of reasons that are causing underperformance. One factor could be encompassing for all underperforming employees, alternatively, there could be specific factors affecting each person individually. Considering there could be personal factors influencing underperformance will help you approach the situation more objectively.

  1. Job Roles and Expectations
  • Are your staff aware of what is expected of them?
  • Do employees understand the impact on the company that continued underperformance can have for reputation/results?
  • Is training provided to ensure employees skills and knowledge are kept up to the standard expected?

It could be worth asking yourself and the management team these questions before engaging with the staff members in question.

  1. Address the Issue Appropriately

The way in which the issue of underperformance is addressed can vary depending on the personality traits of each employee. There isn’t necessarily a one size fits all method, but it is advisable to not allow it to become an emotional argument. Avoid accusations and threats and use people management skills to deal with each person’s case differently.

  1. Try New Methods of Motivation

Understanding what motivates an individual can help you guide them into an improved performance. Simple questions such as what they enjoy doing most in work and outside of work can help you gain a grasp of what truly inspires them.

Often being so busy can get in the way of getting to know your employees and finding out what their long-term aspirations are, where they see their career heading in the next 12 months and what more can be done to offer support. Encourage honesty, and with the responses, it is likely that the root of any underperformance can be identified and thus hopefully resolved.

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"Hi ladies Just to let you know that I have accepted an offer of permanent employment this afternoon so I will no longer require your services. Thank you for everything over the past couple of months, I am really grateful for the temp placements and interviews you have sourced for me. "

Fiona Baker - Registered Candidate

"I have only been registered with Juice Personnel for around six months and in that time they have managed to find me an amazing job opportunity suited well to my needs. Rebecca was dealing with all my interview arrangements and was so helpful and professional with every one, she has supported me when I was ridiculously nervous and helped me to land the job I have been waiting for. I could not have done it without her and would highly recommended anyone looking for something new, to register with this amazing recruitment agency!"

Laura Adams - Placed in a permanent role

"I would just like to say how helpful and professional these girls are, they have never let me down and are always true to their word, always available with lots of support and advice, fantastic company to work with and for - thank you"

Ruth Amis - Long term temporary worker

""I found the Staff at juice personal especially Viki to be extremely personable and accommodating. I was kept up to date with the progress of my application and subsequent interview and received communication from Viki both before and after interview which I found to be helpful. I would highly recommend this company for anybody looking for new employment""

Jenna Hudson - Placed in a permanent position

"From my initial contact through to the registration process I found the staff at Juice Personnel to be very polite and professional. You are treated respectfully and not just another CV on a database. "

Dawn Davis - Registered Candidate

"Juice Personnel, is an extremely friendly, down to earth recruitment agency, whom I have used twice in my young professional career. The first being back in 2010, when I had first graduated and a little lost in the world of employment. They secured me a great temporary job, in which I had requested and in turn, developed in to a full time position. Since then, after moving on, traveling the world, I again found myself in the position of looking for a career change. I instantly remembered the amazing service and supportive nature of Juice and called them to help me find my current position. I cannot thank them enough for their helpful, friendly and supportive role, which they took in finding my new career and could not recommend them enough to others! Thank you Bex and the rest of Juice for all your efforts!"

Hannah Raison - Permanent Candidate

"Working with Juice has been so beneficial and advantageous as they will do anything with open arms to find the most suited job for you as they did for me. In my opinion they are unlike any other agency I have been with. They are very understanding of your previous employment and future employment and take into consideration what sort of field and environment you are wanting to work in. If you're ever unhappy with anything they will listen to your problems and solve them as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They are all very polite and lovely people to talk to and I've never been so happy or so settled in a job 2 days in, that they found me. An outstanding recruitment agency very recommended!"

Emily Duggan - Temporary to permanent

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How to Deal with Underperforming Employees

Underperformance is an issue that can affect any workplace, regardless of the industry. How it is dealt with, will ultimately determine whether the underperformance continues,...

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