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National Careers Week: How Employers and Candidates can Approach Careers

March 4th – March 9th is National Careers Week, and as one of the leading recruitment agencies in Wakefield, Juice would like to acknowledge both employers and jobseekers as part of the career finding process. Below, we have listed a couple of tips for each party which can be implemented in the future.


For employers, a common difficulty can be noticing the difference between a candidate searching for a job to pay the bills, and one that is genuinely looking for a specific career path.

A foreboding indication of a candidate who is seeking the latter is through knowing their stuff. Informed candidates often understand the basics of the vacant role and potentially other factors that may impact the industry which the role is in. This is often indicated through the questions they ask at the interview stage.

Another indicator that a candidate is after a career as opposed to a job is through the ideas they bring to the table. This is common in marketing vacancies, where the candidate may be required to meet a brief or construct a presentation. A candidate who brings and articulates ideas that the business hasn’t already tried yet, or perhaps that the business recognise as an opportunity suggests they are able to contribute to the company’s goals.


Searching for a career requires a lot of thought and preparation too. Even within your specific field, you may have to tailor your CV and cover letter to match the job description. Using industry terminology to illustrate what you are seeking and how you think you can match the position will help create the impression that the role is right for you. Be careful not to use words out of context or for the sake of it, as the employer will be able to see through this.

Whilst experience and know-how are important for an employer to know that you’re capable of doing the job, it is also important that you are able to communicate. This isn’t just communication in person, as being able to respond to emails and phone calls efficiently and professionally also displays abilities that you are likely to be using on the job.

At Juice Personnel, we have been helping employers find their ideal candidate, as well as helping job seekers find the right career for them, for over 15 years. We do this over a range of industries, including Marketing, Logistics and Finance.

To find out more about our services and job roles, either as an employer or a candidate, feel free to call us on 01924 377 500.

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"I have been registered with Juice for over 1 year and find everyone that works for the company professional, very helpful, honest and reliable. They have always been quick to find me work at reputable companies where I have enjoyed working, I would recommend Juice to anyone looking for work time and time again."

Lauren Clark - Temp to Perm placement

"I found juice personnel extremely friendly and professional and made my job search a much more relaxed experience. Regular feedback and contact made me feel that I was really been looked after, and would definitely recommend them to friends and would use them again for a new job search and for recruiting in my role. Plus the girls were lovely!!!! Emma "

Emma Antsey - Placed in a permanent position

"“Juice Personnel is a great agency made up of dedicated and friendly staff. I highly regard their professional opinions and found them very helpful in supporting my search for a new role and will be recommending them to all my friends and family.""

Mark Banfield - Placed in a permanent position

"If it hadn’t been for you guys and your powers of persuasion I’m quite aware that I wouldn’t even have got an interview, never mind an offer. I had been for interview with a number of agencies, both in Wakefield and Leeds, but have to say Juice was the only one which I felt understood exactly what I was looking for, despite my qualifications. It was also the friendliness which I loved – you almost make candidates feel they are part of your team. Viki has been great – keeping my morale going at the beginning when I was waiting for decisions!! "

Carol Taylor- Temporary to permanent worker

"I would just like to say how helpful and professional these girls are, they have never let me down and are always true to their word, always available with lots of support and advice, fantastic company to work with and for - thank you"

Ruth Amis - Long term temporary worker

"Juice Personnel found me a great job that suited me and what I was looking for. The staff are all very efficient & have great communication with their clients. I started temping with them within a couple of weeks of enquiry about a job. I was temping for 3 months and now I am starting with the company permanent. I would highly recommend using Juice if you are out of work or looking for a new job. "

Kirsty Walton - Temp to Perm placement

"From my initial contact through to the registration process I found the staff at Juice Personnel to be very polite and professional. You are treated respectfully and not just another CV on a database. "

Dawn Davis - Registered Candidate

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