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Continuous Driver Training

As part of Juice Personnel’s dedication to the logistics sector we offer continuous driver training. This includes Annual Driving Assessments to ensure all our drivers are still competent and safe. On a weekly basis we monitor driving styles to better establish any training, support or guidance that a driver may require. We also keep all our drivers up to date on working time hours, any driving infringements that may have occurred along with general coaching and keeping drivers up to date with recent legislation.


"We have worked with Juice for the last five years and they know what calibre of driver we need to fit our company and the customers we serve. They provide drivers that understand the importance of the level of fluency that is required for the role they take on while driving for us here at Malcolm’s. I may also add that the staff at Juice are very friendly and always willing to help at any time."

Tim Cullen - Transport Team, W H Malcolm

"I have known and used Agency drivers through Lynn for about 10 years. I have found Lynn to be honest and trust worthy, if Lynn could not cover a slot that we needed she would say from the off and not keep us hanging around. We have all drivers assessed before they can drive one of our vehicles and this is an area where Lynn has always been good for us. She has always kept new drivers coming for assessment so we did not run short of drivers. We used to have up to 20 drivers a day, over 24 hours, seven days a week. I have used several agencies over the past few years and Lynn (Juice) has been one of the best and still is. Lynn has always given us a reliable service. So, if it's a reliable service that you are looking for, ring Lynn Mortimer and the team at Juice. "

Large Northern Supermarket Chain

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