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Why your business should prioritise Mental Wellness

Why your business should prioritise Mental Wellness

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and what better time to consider how your business can boost employee mental wellness! A recent study conducted by Mental Health Charity, Mind, of 44,000 employees found that 7 in 10 have experienced mental health issues in their lifetime, but less than half felt their Manager would recognise if they were having problems. This may be because, previously companies have primarily focused on initiatives that improve the physical health of their workers and subsequently there has been a lack of training needed to support those with mental health. However, increasingly organisations are shifting towards a joint approach, placing as much importance on 'mind' as 'body'. But how can an employer boost their staff's mental well-being and why should your business implement this? 


Creating an open culture in your workplace is the first step to bettering your colleague's mental health. Only 51% of employees felt they could speak openly about their mental health struggles. From a business point of view, the Mental Health Foundation reported that untreated mental illnesses are estimated to cost the UK economy approximately £35 billion per year and 12.7% of sick days can be attributed to them too. Building a happy and encouraging environment for workers can start with something as simple as hosting a workshop on dealing with anxiety and stress, or organising team events with the sole purpose of establishing relationships, not increasing productivity. 


We know the main factors that contribute towards a healthy mind - exercise, diet and sleep. So investing in good snacks and group exercise activities will not only empower your employees to get healthier, but be happier too. Sleep is a bit more tricky. In the modern world we are glued to a laptop or phone screen constantly and research has found that the blue light emitted from these affects the production of a hormone called melatonin, responsible for regulating sleep. Whilst reducing the time spent in front of these isn't always possible, providing green spaces and allowing frequent breaks, at least reduces the impact. It's also been found that only 20% of the population would consider themselves an early riser. Allowing employees the opportunity for flexible hours gives them the power to start work at a time that suits themselves and reduce sleep loss. 


Educating your employees on the signs of mental health is essential to providing support to your staff. Not only can this help them identify symptoms in themselves, but also reach out to a colleague that may be suffering. Valued and cared for staff will ultimately perform better and creating a culture that supports your workers with mental health in your workplace can help build a great reputation of your business that is attractive to prospective employees. For more information on how Juice can help with your recruitment process please contact us on 01924 377 500 or [email protected]

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"Rebecca has been thoroughly professional and supportive right from her initial call after I submitted my on line application, throughout the various interview stages ,offering help and guidance with my presentation and finally her call to tell me that I had been successful in securing my new position. She boosted my confidence at every stage!! To come in to see me on my first day with a bouquet of flowers to congratulate me was a really unexpected but lovely and thoughtful thing to do Thank you so much! "

Donna Roebuck - Permanent Placement

"I have work with a lot of recruitment agencies over the years, yet find Juice personal one of the top agencies. When they promise to ring you they do so when they say they will, and when I got lost trying to find the office, they were patient and kindly directed me to their office! Highly recommend Juice. Thank you for finding my new role. "

Leon Dickson - Perm candidate

"Following an initial misunderstanding regarding role profile, the Juice team reacted swiftly to supply strong candidates for interview from whom we were able to select the right person for the job. They have also followed up the initial recruitment and demonstrated good commitment to delivering the right service for our business. I can recommend Juice Personnel."


"“Juice Personnel is a great agency made up of dedicated and friendly staff. I highly regard their professional opinions and found them very helpful in supporting my search for a new role and will be recommending them to all my friends and family.""

Mark Banfield - Placed in a permanent position

"I have known and used Agency drivers through Lynn for about 10 years. I have found Lynn to be honest and trust worthy, if Lynn could not cover a slot that we needed she would say from the off and not keep us hanging around. We have all drivers assessed before they can drive one of our vehicles and this is an area where Lynn has always been good for us. She has always kept new drivers coming for assessment so we did not run short of drivers. We used to have up to 20 drivers a day, over 24 hours, seven days a week. I have used several agencies over the past few years and Lynn (Juice) has been one of the best and still is. Lynn has always given us a reliable service. So, if it's a reliable service that you are looking for, ring Lynn Mortimer and the team at Juice. "

Large Northern Supermarket Chain

""I approached Juice Personnel after having my maternity leave in 2015 to look for a more suitable role which would fit around my new circumstances. It was a pleasure to visit their office & meet with Claire, she made the whole process extremely easy which was such a relief after being away from the working environment for a few months. Within a week she had found me a great position & I continue to work for the same company. She was a great point of contact and offered fantastic advice and support every step of the way. Thank you Claire & Juice Personnel!""

Charlie O'Neil - Placed in a permanent position

"I found juice personnel extremely friendly and professional and made my job search a much more relaxed experience. Regular feedback and contact made me feel that I was really been looked after, and would definitely recommend them to friends and would use them again for a new job search and for recruiting in my role. Plus the girls were lovely!!!! Emma "

Emma Antsey - Placed in a permanent position

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