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Is Flexible Working the Way of the Future?

Research, carried out by HSBC after the company introduced their Flexible Working Policy, showed that the flexi-time was the top motivator for boosting productivity in 89% of employees. Flexible working is the term used to describe any pattern of work that breaks away from the traditional 9 to 5. This can include working your total hours over 4 days instead of the usual 5, or starting your standard work day at anytime you wish.

Over the last few years, it has been gaining popularity due to the demands of modern life and technological advancements that have made remote working easier. As a result, HSBC is not the only large company to offer the option to its employees. Vodafone, Unilever, and Google are among the many who have also adopted the working model. So, is flexible working the way of the future and why should your company consider it?

There is currently a skills shortage in some industries such as IT, finance and customer services with up to 84% of organisations saying they are struggling to fill vacancies. However, 92% of millennials listed flexible working as the most important factor when considering a new job, yet it is only offered by 1 in 10 jobs currently advertised. Giving your company a competitive edge when recruiting is key. Using a recruitment company can help you compete and win the best employees.

Flexible working patterns also helps widen the pool of talent available to your business. Adjustable hours have been found hugely beneficial to parents, who can mold their day around the school run and childcare. It also allows more time to be spent with family and friends. A total of 12.7% of all sickness days taken in the UK attributed to mental health. Therefore, helping your employees achieve a more positive work-life balance could help reduce these and boost productivity.

Legally, an employee in the UK must have been in the same employment for a minimum of 26 weeks before they have the right to request flexible working. It is important to note that employers must consider seriously every application.

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"Following an initial misunderstanding regarding role profile, the Juice team reacted swiftly to supply strong candidates for interview from whom we were able to select the right person for the job. They have also followed up the initial recruitment and demonstrated good commitment to delivering the right service for our business. I can recommend Juice Personnel."


"I have work with a lot of recruitment agencies over the years, yet find Juice personal one of the top agencies. When they promise to ring you they do so when they say they will, and when I got lost trying to find the office, they were patient and kindly directed me to their office! Highly recommend Juice. Thank you for finding my new role. "

Leon Dickson - Perm candidate

"Very professional and friendly staff. Made me feel at ease in the registering process and was very quick in finding me a suitable placement. From that placement I got offered a full time position. I would highly recommend Juice Personnel to anyone if you are looking for temp or permanent working positions."

Claire Issott - Temporary to permanent worker

"I found juice personnel extremely friendly and professional and made my job search a much more relaxed experience. Regular feedback and contact made me feel that I was really been looked after, and would definitely recommend them to friends and would use them again for a new job search and for recruiting in my role. Plus the girls were lovely!!!! Emma "

Emma Antsey - Placed in a permanent position

"Juice is a friendly company who will always try and help you if there is any issues and will try and accommodate relevant shifts that are better suited to you. They have a great customer experience and I would recommend the company to anyone "

Rob Bisby - Class 1

"If it hadn’t been for you guys and your powers of persuasion I’m quite aware that I wouldn’t even have got an interview, never mind an offer. I had been for interview with a number of agencies, both in Wakefield and Leeds, but have to say Juice was the only one which I felt understood exactly what I was looking for, despite my qualifications. It was also the friendliness which I loved – you almost make candidates feel they are part of your team. Viki has been great – keeping my morale going at the beginning when I was waiting for decisions!! "

Carol Taylor- Temporary to permanent worker

"Juice Personnel found me a great job that suited me and what I was looking for. The staff are all very efficient & have great communication with their clients. I started temping with them within a couple of weeks of enquiry about a job. I was temping for 3 months and now I am starting with the company permanent. I would highly recommend using Juice if you are out of work or looking for a new job. "

Kirsty Walton - Temp to Perm placement

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