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Managing mental health at work

No matter your age, occupation or working hours, work can get you down. Factors like mounting workloads, changes to your work environment or difficulties in your personal life can easily exacerbate existing mental health issues or create new ones, and it can be difficult to know where to turn. Campaigns like last week’s World Mental Health Day have helped to raise awareness of and ease the stigma surrounding mental health issues in recent years. However, with an estimated 300,000 people falling out of work due to mental health conditions every year, it’s clear that there’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure that employees and employers alike tackle mental health issues as effectively as possible.

How can employees manage mental health?

One of the best ways to tackle mental ill health is to talk about it. It can feel like a difficult first step to take, but talking about your problems with someone you trust – whether it’s a colleague, a family member or a mental health professional – can make a huge difference. If you’re finding work difficult for any reason, ask your manager for help and work together to make things better. Staying late at the office or taking work home may feel like the professional thing to do, but maintaining a healthy work/life balance is key.

How can employers manage mental health?

Mental ill health costs UK employers around £30bn every year, so it’s extremely important to maintain a positive work environment and manage mental health issues successfully. As an employer, it should be your goal to create a work culture that values honesty and empathy. If staff feel scared or unable to talk openly about their problems, their productivity will suffer. Look out for changes in attitude and performance, and consider having senior and management figures undergo training to best deal with mental health situations.

At Juice Personnel, we recognise the importance of honesty, integrity and understanding, and always strive to achieve satisfaction for clients and candidates alike. To find out more about what we do, call us today on 01924 377500 or email us at [email protected].


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"From my initial contact through to the registration process I found the staff at Juice Personnel to be very polite and professional. You are treated respectfully and not just another CV on a database. "

Dawn Davis - Registered Candidate

"If it hadn’t been for you guys and your powers of persuasion I’m quite aware that I wouldn’t even have got an interview, never mind an offer. I had been for interview with a number of agencies, both in Wakefield and Leeds, but have to say Juice was the only one which I felt understood exactly what I was looking for, despite my qualifications. It was also the friendliness which I loved – you almost make candidates feel they are part of your team. Viki has been great – keeping my morale going at the beginning when I was waiting for decisions!! "

Carol Taylor- Temporary to permanent worker

"Juice Personnel found me a great job that suited me and what I was looking for. The staff are all very efficient & have great communication with their clients. I started temping with them within a couple of weeks of enquiry about a job. I was temping for 3 months and now I am starting with the company permanent. I would highly recommend using Juice if you are out of work or looking for a new job. "

Kirsty Walton - Temp to Perm placement

""I found the Staff at juice personal especially Viki to be extremely personable and accommodating. I was kept up to date with the progress of my application and subsequent interview and received communication from Viki both before and after interview which I found to be helpful. I would highly recommend this company for anybody looking for new employment""

Jenna Hudson - Placed in a permanent position

"“Juice Personnel is a great agency made up of dedicated and friendly staff. I highly regard their professional opinions and found them very helpful in supporting my search for a new role and will be recommending them to all my friends and family.""

Mark Banfield - Placed in a permanent position

"Juice Personnel gave me a chance when I didn't have good references, they put me on a placement where I was able to show my skills and get an up to date reference. I really enjoyed working with juice and Viki through out my placement. Thanks Juice!"

Katherine Senior - Placed in a permanent position

"From day one Juice Personnel have been very professional, informative and truly outstanding when searching and placing me in employment. From the moment I first walked through the office doors to meet with one of their representatives I have been nothing but pleased and extremely satisfied with Juice. They have managed to source a position close to home with outstanding credentials which I am extremely grateful for. I have found that Juice are by far the best agency I have dealt with in West Yorkshire and I would highly recommend them to friends, family or any business associates that may need form of employment. Although I have not been with Juice long, I know that the relationship can only blossom and go from strength to strength."

Richard Allen- Long term temporary

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